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FAACS Foundation, for children and families, was born out of the need to help the children in Mocho, who are facing a different kind of challenge from their Florida counterparts THAT IS FINANCIAL.

Cal Allison, founder of FAACS Foundation, has been quoted in The Jamaica Gleaner as saying: “I know the economic struggles these parents endure in sending their children to school, so each year FAACS Foundation delivers these school supplies; so the children get a chance to prepare for their future. This is our “Give Back” mission to the land of our birth, Jamaica.”

Over the past four years FAACS Foundation has added adult clothing.  The result is that parents (especially fathers) are now joining their children at church services, football games, concerts, and other “family” occasions.  Children are being taught what “family” means.

The buying, shipping and distribution of all school supplies, clothing and other necessary supplies, have continued through the year 2020.  It will continue, and the “not-so-fortunate” families in Mocho, Clarendon, Jamaica, will continue to be blessed.