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Health Care



JCC has embarked on an ambitious initiative to aid impoverished healthcare providers in Jamaican. Our goal is to accomplish this with the provision of “basic” healthcare supplies and medical assistance to the extent that our annual budget will allow. Past missions to the island

with supplies were met with great appreciation and enthusiasm from those who had directly benefited from our efforts.

Our members at JCC originate from different parishes in Jamaica. And though we would love to support every healthcare facility in every parish, our resources are very limited. We will however evaluate and pay strict attention to those who reach out to us for support. Currently a ninety-five (95) bed facility in Portland, has reached out to us for a significant number of white sheets. This request we intend to evaluate and honor, if possible.

As we move forward, our goal is to increase our involvement in this important area of social work, but accountability will be the key. Our recipients must demonstrate a willingness to be randomly audited to ensure that our donations are fulfilling its purpose.

If you are a health care provider, in need of support, can meet our accountability requirements, you are encouraged to get in touch with us.

Donation Updates

On February 5th, 2016, the Port Antonio Hospital of Jamaica confirmed the receipt of items from our organization, such as, pre-owned sheets, blankets, towels, washcloths, pillow cases, and assorted medical sundries. (shown below) Mrs. Jasmin Ricketts-Campbell, the hospital’s CEO, was truly grateful for this timely donation and wish to thank all members of the Jamaican Cultural Connection group.