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It is well known that a solid education is the ladder that will enable people to escape the bounds of grinding generational poverty, and embark on a path to greater independence and dignity in life’s journey.

At JCC, we are pleased to be playing a pivotal role this critical area, however small it may be. Already we have provided basic school supplies and other educational tools to classrooms across Jamaica, particularly in rural areas.

In 2012 we partnered with the Kiwinis Club of Constant Spring to offer four (4) tuition scholarships to the Abilities Foundation – a school for persons with disabilities – located on Constant Spring Road, Kingston. The appreciative response that we have received from the students, teachers and parents is testimony to the success of our program.

Our goal is also to cater to the needs of local schools in the Central Florida or other local communities when necessary.

JCC seeks not only to disseminate school supplies and scholarships, but also to evaluate the needs of the schools for other necessities they may require. For example, hot or cold lunch programs to increase the children’s learning capacity.

If your school (s) is in dire need of support, please contact us and we’ll do our best to lend a helping hand.