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Dear Friends,

Each morning since I was sworn in as president of the Jamaican Cultural Connection it seems as if the sun shines brighter each day…it’s the dawn of a new season for us.  The foundation has been set by the founding president, Claudette Bailey and strengthened by Vittel Smart and Patrick Mitchell.  I respect their contributions and leadership because now we have a foundation to build on.

I am feeling humbled for this opportunity to offer my contribution to work with the team to preserve and enhance our Jamaican Culture.  In this new season, hopefully we will be able to document our progress thus far and secure it for those following.

During my tenure we will be able to:

  1. Reflect on our childhood days in Jamaica
  2. Rekindle our taste buds of the foods, fruits, and delectable desserts
  3. Swing to the sounds of the many rhythms
  4. Enjoy the present success stories and triumphs
  5. And hope of an even brighter future because of our collaborations.

Let this be an invitation for you to join as a member and watch the unfolding of a real “Jamaican Cultural Connection” to form lasting friendships.



Rosemarie G. Roth